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The Scholastic areas of assessment:

"This type of assessment does not include only the pen and paper tests but there are various other ways of knowing how well the child has mastered a particular concept which also includes The Revision through Teaching Sessions, Knowledge Polish, thinking Out of the Box questionnaires, Brain Work, Word Web, etc. along with Unit Tests and Term Exams as prescribed by CBSE."

Assessment Policy

The academic year is divided into two terms and each term has two assessment reports. Each assessment report is based on the continuous evaluation based on class activities, worksheets and assignments on day to day basis.

The Co Scholastic areas of assessment

This assessment involves the non-scholastic areas of learning such as dance, music, school clubs, various squads, health, personality, attitude, social, values which are very much embedded into the study of knowing the child as a whole. The aspects of regularity, sincere participation, output and teamwork are the generic criteria for grading the co-scholastic activities like Work Education, Art Education and Health and Physical Education. Apart from this, the students are also assessed for the Discipline which is based on the factors like attendance, sincerity, behaviour, values, tidiness, respectfulness for rules and regulations, attitude towards society and nation. The given activities will be graded on a 5-point grading scale (A to E).

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